Redline Rapid Transit

Total Project Budget: $43 Million
New Markets Investment: $15 Million
Catalytic Impact: $14.5 Million
Closed: June 2019

A vital component of the City’s workforce development strategy is a 13.6 mile rapid transit bus line connecting thousands of “transit dependent” riders in low and moderate income neighborhoods to jobs, colleges, and training institutions. The project is the first phase of new construction of a 37.5 mile route that will serve one in every five employees and 94% of university students in Marion County. The Red Line is the first rapid-transit line in Indianapolis, traversing 21 NMTC-eligible census tracts. The line will be a major catalyst for business investment and growth and provide critical access for residents who need dependable public transportation. Family incomes along the route average $14k below the regional median, with almost 70% earning less than $25,000 a year. Seven of the City’s 20 largest employers, the state’s largest hospital, and the four largest universities in Indianapolis are accessible to the line. Programs are already in development to recruit, educate and train low-income residents for positions as drivers, mechanics, inspectors, technicians and service personnel. Annual salaries range from $29,710 to $38,500 plus benefits, 45% to 95% above the local living wage.