Indiana Biosciences Research Institute

Total Project Budget: $35 Million
New Markets Investment: $23 Million
Catalytic Impact: $22.1 Million
Closed: August 2019

Ten years in the planning, NMTC will support new construction of a 95,000 SF Indiana Biosciences Research Institute that will serve as a hub for technological innovation and discovery, and public/private collaboration. Indiana is a global leader in the life sciences industry which encompasses development of next-generation pharmaceuticals, diagnostic testing and medical equipment innovation. The industry has created more than 100,000 area jobs and has a $56 billion annual economic impact. The project immediately generates 230 jobs, 40% LIP-accessible entry-level technician and support positions. Located in a severely distressed tract with 34.8% poverty, 39.5% AMI, and unemployment at 2.9x the national rate, the State has designated the area a life sciences development district with the expectation that the Institute will be a powerful economic driver of growth in research and medical institutions, innovation incubators and accelerators, and small shops and service businesses.